My chromebook



2 thoughts on “My chromebook

  1. I’m looking at getting a Chromebook — Please post how you like it 😉

    • Good Morning ..Noted!.. I have the intention to have Ubuntu > therefore I decide to give a good try .. Base on many reviews.. is worth a purchase as it is user friendly. . ( Kindly move to the/my lastest post – june 14.. a U tube vid..done by another reviewer … you may like to see how it functions .) Lastly pls. note that a 100 Gb google drive is redeemable on certain chromebooks only! My post dated 2nd June is listed therein. . . I prefer Acer as the battery is removable . PROS And Cons on all various devices. . My sincere thanks for your dropping by …. Have a Pleasant week end ! Warmest regards, elliceyam . ( Singapore )

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