Sony 5-pin MHL 1.2 HDTV Adapter IM750

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With the Sony IM750 MHL to HDMI adapter you can do just this.

A compact cable, it connects into the microUSB port on your phone or tablet to create a full size HDMI port. You then in turn connect a mains power charger (such as the one included with your phone) to the adapter and an HDMI cable from the adapter to the TV.

Once connected the content on your compatible smartphone or tablet will be displayed on the HD display for you to share your content with those around you.

Whilst the IM750 is an official Sony product, MHL is an open technology so it can be used with other 5 pin MHL devices including those from HTC or Samsung.

It makes for an ideal solution for giving a presentation, watching a movie or functioning as a mobile office.

Take full advantage of the features on your phone with the IM750 HDTV adapter.


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